Friday, January 20, 2017

Liz Lisa x My Melody Charm Collection

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I'm not sure I was thinking of doing this post for a while but I kind of kept putting it off and talking myself out of it but I decided to do it cause I really want to try and blog more this year so I might as well.

I want to share my Liz Lisa x My Melody charms. I don't have all of them (and I actually thought I had more prior to taking these pictures.

I don't think I've ever shared all my charm collection so I guess this might be helpful if any one was wondering what charms I owned or which charm went with which collab (even though I don't have the charms?) lol.

My Melody 3rd Collab 

 My Melody 6th Collab

 My Melody x My Sweet Piano 8th Collab

My Melody 9th Collab 

 My Melody 10th Collab (Volume One)

All together

Sorry, I kind of did think I did have more than 5 collabs worth of charms but I took the pictures so might as well post right?
I hope you have enjoyed this post regardless of it's simplicity. 
Hopefully, I'll have a more detailed post out soon.

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll

Monday, January 16, 2017

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira 03 Jan Crate

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 This post is for the Jan Kira Kira Crate. I don't really know why but I feel like this one arrived faster than the previous one but I guess it's not Christmas time so that might be why it felt like it arrived faster.

The pretty aqua box.

The booklet has a bright, cheerful look this time which is nice. 

 The look at the beginning is a pretty simple but pretty and elegant.

Hot Gel Mask

 I've seen creams that heat up for the body before but I don't think I've ever seen one for this face. I doubt that this is something I would have purchased on my own but I'm actually glad I got this. It's summer in Australia but I think it'll be good when it's winter. I don't normally like sheet masks in winter because they're cold so this might be handy.

Mebika Hair Care

I've never heard of this brand before. I'm not sure when I'll get to use these because I don't really like sachet's of hair stuff but I think this will be good if you're traveling or if you're staying away short term. I guess it's handy to have.

Avance Tweety Eyeliner

I really like Tweety (or Loony Tunes in general,) so I was really glad I got this! This pen type eye liner is what I use every time I do my eyeliner so receiving this is handy. I don't really need this right now, though I can keep this as a backup when my current one runs out.

Pure Smile Teapod Hand Cream

 When I signed up I was a bit worried that I would wind up receiving a hand cream every month (which is fine, but I don't need that many hand creams personally,) so when I got this I was a bit disappointed. The three scents look nice and I would have been happy to receive any of them. 

Biyou Shukan Towels - 20 packs

I've never seen these before but these are disposable clothes for cleaning your face - like a disposable muslin cloth. These would be great for traveling or when you're away from home.

Pure Smile Red Wine Mask

Another face mask. I do like sheet masks - even if to give to other people with their gifts so I can find a use for this easily enough.

Dear Laura Lip Gloss

 The 9 palette lip colours for the previous box was also this brand and the packaging for this product is so much cuter and nicer than the previous packaging. I love the bunny illustrations and the red colour looks really nice.
Really happy with this product.

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira Crate 02 - here 

I feel like this package contained a lot of 'face' items. I think there's some interesting items that I had never seen before which is cool. That's kind of why I wanted this service in the first place XD.

 If you're interested in Kira Kira crate you can click here

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Berri Doll

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sailor Moon Pretty Guardian Club

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The Sailor Moon Pretty Guardian Club was available for purchase through TOM  last year. I wasn't going to do a post on this but everything was really cute so I wanted to share it with you.

I'm not really sure how long the club has existed but previously it was only available to residents of Japan - however through TOM international fans were able to obtain membership! Of course being a Sailor Moon fan I had to purchase it and see what it's about.

The 'club' gives you access to a site (here) and an app through your member ship.

The thing with the membership is you purchase the membership and any items available for purchase either through the online store (I haven't tried to purchase through the online store at this point so I can't report if it will work) or TOM.


The card arrives on this pretty card. I want to take the card out and place it in my wallet however I really love the way it looks it on the card as well. 

The membership also comes with a special gift! It's a beautiful lip gloss that looks like the broach Usagi wears. ^^ It's super cute and lovely.

The packaging is so beautiful - if you've ever purchased some of Creer Beaut's Sailor Moon cosmetics the packaging is quite similar!

The lip gloss next to the box! Isn't the packaging simply lovely?

The lip gloss is a pretty pink colour which would be suitable for most people.

The lip gloss I haven't tried yet however the packaging is... interesting.
The lip gloss is also really heavy. The packaging almost feels like it's made of metal as it's cold to the touch. I'm not sure if it really is made of metal but it's certainly feels different to just a lip gloss.
The clasp feels a little bit... weak. The closure doesn't feel super secure either but I'm not sure if it's just mine or all of them but it was a little disappointing.
I wouldn't really recommend to carry this product around with you every day due to the weight and the fact that it doesn't feel super secure.

The items you could purchase were a few items; the two items that caught my eye were the towel and roomwear set. Sorry, I took the items out of the bags then decided to take photos.


The towel feels nice and soft - the lace feels nice as well. The size is decent. It's smaller than western standards but it's not as small as say, a kids towel (or my Liz Lisa beach towels,). The pink colour is really lovely and the fabric feels good as well. There were no loose treads or snagged bits on it when it arrived.

Roomwear set/ Night gown

This set includes the roomwear dress and head band. 

The hairband is super soft and feels really nice. I really like it. 

The room wear is a nice but not really my style. The dress is really long and it's a little on the sheer side.
The fabric again feels nice and light and the shape is flattering as well. It's the perfect item for any Sailor Moon fan.

I also like that it's a direct copy of her dress and doesn't actually say 'Sailor Moon' on it anywhere. I feel like it's more grown up and more of a collector's piece this way which is nice.

Overall, the items are nice and I'm interested to see what other items they'll release and sell. The stuff so far is pretty nice and I quite like the stuff I purchased.

Let me know if you're also a member as well and if you've made a purchase yet!

Thank you for reading! 

Berri Doll

P.S. I'm not opposed to selling the room wear/night gown dress. The dress is really nice but I doubt I'll ever actually wear it so if it's something you're interested in purchasing then please contact me. 
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