Friday, October 13, 2017

Jill Stuart Summer Collection - Blooming Dew + Relax Summer Line

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I always fall in love with Jill Stuart's gorgeous packaging and this summer's collection was no exception. This years theme was strawberry picnic (which went well with Liz Lisa's releases as well lol)

The first part of this collection was more 'body' related - featuring a sunscreen and a mist.


The packaging is super gorgeous! I think that this is mainly for face but I thought maybe I could get away with it for shoulders/ chest area since it has a pretty high spf and it's small packaging meant I could easily transport it around with me making reapplying it easier throughout the day.

I bought this because this seemed like an interesting product. You supposedly can use this on your hair, face and body. The concept and the idea is really interesting so I wanted to try it. I think it will be nice to have on a really hot day when you want to hydrate your skin or hair (I guess? I've never done this before).



I purchased this in 04 loving cherry. I was kind of hoping this would be a paler pink like the image but it's a little more vivid than I was expecting. Why is it that I want pale pink lip products that I can't find it easily - I want it. Typical.
I like the packaging from the lip products from Jill Stuart but I like that this one is a little smaller and more compact than previous designs.

I purchased number 2 mauve brown since I like the warmer tones - and I think that the pallete will make for a nice day - to night look. The different colours and shades all compliment each other nicely so I think you can wear any colours together and it will look nice.


Travel sized eye make up remover.

Mascara! The sample is really small and cute. I love the packaging too. I actually have been using this recently and it's a beautiful mascara. It's really curls your lashes and makes them more voluminous (I hope it's meant to do that) and fluttery.

Handwash sample. I think I got these last time but I keep these in my make up bag in case I need them when I go out and the bathrooms don't have soap which is weird cause I don't think that's happened...

Edit: Sorry this ended up going up so late, I kind of didn't know if I wanted to upload this or not and I kept umming and ahhing over it for... well... this long. I ended up deciding to upload it cause I didn't have anything else for this week lmao. I guess it's good to have a few back ups!

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Friday, October 6, 2017

[Haul] Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll Collab Vol 2

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Liz Lisa has collaborated and done an other collab with Sanrio's cute Cinnamoroll. Being the Cinnamoroll fan I am I knew I wanted to get something from the collab (and ended up getting everything wtf).
Normally I don't really like long sleeved dresses but since it's Cinnamoroll I knew I wanted it regardless for collection* purposes.

☆LIZ LISA×シナモロール☆空プリントワンピース / Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll Sky Print One Piece in Pink 

175 - 6022 - 0




I ended up purchasing this in the pink only since I wasn't a big fan of the blue on myself last time (I don't think it suited me) so decided to stay safe with my colour choice with pink. The stars on the lace is super cute and I like the print - the flower rainbows and the unicorns are so cute!
The little bows and the frill around the waist are so pretty little details.
The fit on this dress is pretty good, the only thing I would change is, I find the cuffs to be really big on the sleeves for some reason. I do think I have quite skinny wrists so it might be something that looks oversized on myself but okay on others. The cuffs don't have buttons so I guess that's why they're a little bigger.
The dress has a concealed zipper on the side. There's no buttons or clips or anything to use to get dressed with.

Outfit One;

 with Liz Lisa flower clip in blue (only one of two worn), Tralala x Sailor Moon Crystal cardigan in white, Liz Lisa cinnamoroll collab volume 2 3-way bag, Liz Lisa cinnamoroll collab volume 2 pass case and charm and Liz Lisa Web Limited pom pom pumps in white (worn without pom poms).

Outfit Two;

 with Liz Lisa ribbon clips in pink, Liz Lisa bijou jacket in dark blue, Liz Lisa cinnamoroll collab volume 2 3-way bag, Liz Lisa cinnamoroll collab volume 2 pass case and charm and Liz Lisa flower wedges in white.

Outfit Three; 

 with Liz Lisa clip in blue (worn one of two), Liz Lisa cinnamoroll collab volume 2 3-way bag, Liz Lisa cinnamoroll collab volume 2 pass case and charm and Tralala ribbon wedges in beige.

☆LIZ LISA×シナモロール☆3WAYバッグ / Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll 3 way bag


148 - 9902 - 0 








To be perfectly honest, I just bought this cause it's cinnamoroll. I do like the bag and I love that it's 3-way but it is quite a small (thin) bag so I'm not super sure how often I'll use it just cause I really have to carry so many things when I go out. I did buy it knowing and expecting it to be thing so I'm not disappointed or upset over it. 

☆LIZ LISA×シナモロール☆チャーム / Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll Charm




Another kind of useless item, I don't really catch the bus but I really love collecting the charms from collabs so I kind of had to have it. Plus it matches the bag and the dress so well it was necessary.

* This is literally the worse reason ever to buy anything and I don't know why I do this.

Fun fact about this post, there's so many typos and red lines in this post lmao.

That's all for this collab! Hopefully we can see more Cinnamoroll collabs in the future cause he's so cute! (and I'm totally biased not gonna lie!)

I hope you liked this post and you enjoyed reading it!

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