Friday, January 12, 2018

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira Crate: December

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This month's selection is really good for me. I quite liked a lot of things in this box and I can see myself eventually using everything.
They've also changed the info on the products from a book style to more of a pamphlet style which is nice.
I also got really lucky with my melody stuff as well.

Sanrio Chapstick


This super cute lipbalm from sanrio. There was either Hello Kitty, My Melody or Little Twin Stars.

Sanrio toothbrush travel set


Actually super cute. I don't have anything like this already so I'll keep it for my next holiday.

Jewelry Aroma Bubble Bath in Emerald 


There was two options for this and I ended up with the Emerald, which is ylang ylang scented. I really like ylang ylang but the other option was rose so....

Malibu Beauty Collection Eyeshadow in Gold


This looks quite cute. I think it's meant to be quite glittery which is nice - you can't go wrong with a gold glitter eyeshadow in your make up collection.

Kawaii Face Mask


How lovely is this packaging. The illustration is super cute. I ended up with the 'rose' scent for this one which was really nice! It smelt so good. (I already used it lol)

Peeling Good! Peeling Set


I love the brand name for this. This looks really interesting I really like peeling or scrub products lately (I'm not sure what's brought on this interest) but this looks really interesting and I normally have good luck with products that are citrus.

That's all for this box! I really liked everything in it and I can see myself using it all eventually (or already like the mask lol)

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Jill Stuart Holiday Collection

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Jill Stuart released their super cute Christmas Collection and I knew I really wanted to get it. It's a collaboration with Morgan Lane - which was something I hadn't heard of before but it's a cute (but sexy) sleepwear/lingerie shop and it's like a sister brand to Jill Stuart.

This Christmas collection came in two packaging types.
Type A is more like a black netting with polka dots and Type B is like the illustrations made by Morgan Lane. I ended up getting Type A because I once had a make up bag with this netting like this one and I really liked that make up bag.

The set comes with the make up bag and 4 make up items, an illuminator, Eye shadow palette, Eye liner and a lip gloss. It's actually been a few years since I purchased a Jill Stuart Christmas Collection but I remembered buying one a few years ago and I really liked the stuff I got that time so wasn't too worried buying this one.

The box is really pretty and matches the contents.

 The bows on the side are a nice touch too!

Inside are the instructions on how to tie a bow which I tried however I can not tie a bow this way. I use another method but nice try Jill Stuart.

I actually forgot that Jill Stuart includes these little 'poems' or sayings on the side of the boxes.

When you take the bag out of the box, it looks like this - it almost looks like a cake. 

See Jill Stuart? I can still tie a bow. Works the same.

The items come wrapped nicely, the presentation is perfect.

The contents all match the pouch!

The first item is a liquid eyeliner in 01 Black Negligee.



I always use black eyeliner so this is useful.

There's also one lip gloss in 12 girls talk. 



I've used Jill Stuart glosses before and I did try this one out. There's not a lot of colour to it but it would be nice over a tint or a lip stick. It's quite glittery in the tube but it's not too glittery on the lips.

Dreamy eye shadow palette.




The colours are nice! They're sparkly and there's a nice variety to colours too.

Moonlight Illumiator




This product kind of confuses me to be honest, it says it's an illumiator but it seems to be a but more like a very light blush. I guess if you want a very mimimal make up look and just want one product for blush/highlight this might be a nice product. It's really cute though!

The illustration is just printed on the top of the product.

And the brush is not only adorable - it's also really soft and it's quite good quality as well - it's nice and dense.
I wish Jill Stuart would make brushes that look exactly like this.

Overall, I'm really happy with this collection. The make up is all really nice and I can see myself using this all. The packaging is so cute.
As usual I purchased mine from here~

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Berri Doll
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