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[Haul] Liz Lisa Autumn pt 3 - Cameo Rose, Suzuran Pattern and ebay

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Liz Lisa finally started releasing some of the older Autumn items at sale prices so I took to chance to start purchasing for my Autumn wardrobe. 
I think this is my last haul or purchases from the Autumn collection. I still have my eye one one or two more items but I'm still not sure I'll purchase them.
This haul is pretty mixed with things that I can really see myself wearing and some new styles and new things I haven't tried before (style wise) so let's see how it goes.

One Piece; 

すずらん柄コンビネゾン / Suzuran pattern Combisonone in white 

175 - 6015 - 0 



I seriously debated over the colour of this for so long. I could not decide since I liked all three but I decided to stick with white since I think it'll match the best with what I already have in my wardrobe. I've never had an 'autumnal' romper but I loved the looks of this - I think it'll work well for really late summer or ever at night (as long as it's not too cold). I also really liked the shorts but I ended up choosing the romper because I've bought autumn shorts before and never ended up wearing them. Fingers crossed the romper works better for me.
Unfortunately, I'm not 100% happy with the fit of this, I feel like it bunches and sticks out a little bit too much for my liking, I think I'll try altering this because I do really like this romper and I can see myself wearing it.

Outfit One;



 with Liz Lisa 3-way bag in pink, Liz Lisa flats in pink (minus pom poms)

Outfit Two;

with Liz Lisa fake suede riders jacket in pink, Liz Lisa quilted bag in pink, Liz Lisa suede wedges in pink.


刺繍リブピタトップス / Embroidered rib pita tops in white

175 - 3009 - 0





I really loved this online but I was unsure about what I would pair it with because the top does go with the skirt really well (I do like the skirt but I'm going to wait that one out and see if it gets cheaper otherwise I don't think I'll be too upset if I miss it). I like how simple it is but it does have some really cute details on it, like the frill on the sleeve and the lace up back. Plus it's pretty enough to wear untucked or tucked into skirts. 
I really love this top and I think it's so pretty but I don't know how well it'll pair with a lot of what I've already got in my closet.

Outfit one; 



 with Liz Lisa check skirt in brown, Liz Lisa Picnic rabbit bag in pink, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa embroidery sneakers in white. 

Outfit Two;



 with Liz Lisa faux suede trapezoid skirt in pink, Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa suede wedges in pink.

ノースリーブリブビジュニットトップス / Sleeveless rib Bijinittoppusu in white 

175 - 3010 - 0



 I have something similar from last year and I really loved that particular top. It's been well worn and when I saw Liz Lisa released something similar this year, I knew I wanted it. This one is of course, a little different as it has a bijou collar and lace up back detail. I'm not sure I love the lace up trend but I don't mind it on this top so much. I also like that this appears more 'white' than 'off white' like last years. 
This was a little strange, the top bow isn't undoable and because of the beading, it doesn't stretch much so it's actually quite hard to get on. I'm not sure why the bottom bow is adjustable but the top one on the neck where you need it isn't. It looks nice but it's not designed the best.  

Outfit One; 



 with Liz Lisa faux suede trapezoid skirt in pink, Liz Lisa quilted bag in pink, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa suede wedges in pink.

Outfit Two;

 with Tralala checked skirt in white, Tralala heart velour 2-way bag in black, Tralala bow pumps in black (without bows)

ピンタックフリルシフォントップス / Pin-tuck ruffled chiffon tops in white 

175 - 1011 - 0







I'm pretty sure we all knew I would get this when it released lol. I love this style of top recently, it's kind of a blouse but it doesn't have the button down front. I'm a little bit over the button-down blouse lately (nothing wrong with it ofc, just bored of it) so I'm always looking for these types of tops that kind of remind me of a blouse. I love the high neckline and the bows on the back are seriously too cute for words.


Outfit One; 



with Liz Lisa satin bomber in white, Liz Lisa check pleat skirt in brown, Liz Lisa heart bag in white, tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa embroidery sneakers in white.





カメオローズスカパン / Cameo rose skirt in white





 I love this pattern and I loved the OP but I think the skirt will be more practical for myself. I love the cameo + rose pattern. I really debated over the colour for quite come time but choose the white because I liked the little bit of bordeaux in the border and on the bows.And I have a lot of pink skirts - it's time to expand my wardrobe.

Outfit One;



 with Liz Lisa ribbon cup and eiffle tower clips in bordeaux, Liz Lisa notsuri top in white, Liz Lisa heart bag in white and Liz Lisa lace up pom pom pumps in bordeaux.

 Outfit two; 



 with Liz Lisa pin-tuck riffle chiffon top in white, Liz Lisa bon bon pouchette in white and Liz Lisa velour ribbon sandals in pink.


ベロアリボンサンダル / Velor ribbon sandals in Pink 

175 - 9603 - 0 






I knew when I saw these I was gonna end up buying them. I do love a good wedge and the velour pink seems practical. (I hope anyways) I always buy things and never end up wearing them. -_-' 

The bow is actually removable for these but I actually wish they weren't cause I'm always scared I might lose them when I wear them. (my friend once lost a detachable bow and I'm paranoid now) so hopefully it doesn't happen to me too.



ローズ刺繍スニーカー / Rose embroidery sneakers in white


  175 - 9607 - 0 






I actually purchased these from the official ebay store. I was lucky enough to purchase these during the free shipping campaign. I like having a cute pair of sneakers to wear for everyday or when I need to do a lot of working. 


Thank you for reading!


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