Friday, June 16, 2017

Autumn Favorites 2017

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Whoops. I nearly forgot about this series lol. Tbh, Autumn in Perth is always so mild - this year it barely even felt like Autumn for much of it. XD
But none the less, I still want to share the things I've been liking and enjoying this season!

Skin care;

Lush Eau Roma Water Toner Water

I was having a some skin 'issues' once the seasons changed and I felt like my skin was getting a little on the oily side but I didn't want to change my whole skin care range (too expensive lol) so I just opted to include a toner and I'm glad I did and I'm also glad I purchased this one.
Not only does this leave my skin feeling lovely it also smells beautiful as well.

Etude House Play 101 Stick Oil 

I kind of purchased this on a whim online because I thought it was an interesting product - you can use it for a variety of uses like as a lip balm, cuticle oil, on your hair etc.
I've actually been using this on my temples at the end of the day and I like that this absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy texture.

Make Up; 

Etude House Blooming Lips in BE101

I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of dark nudes that are trending right now (Looks amazing on everyone else - not convinced I can pull off) but I've been trying to do the same as everyone and rocking the nude although it's a lot lighter.
I like this because it's flattering on the lips - not drying, doesn't show off anything unflattering like dry patches or lines and lasts relatively okay. I do have to reapply it over time but not super frequently.
Plus the tube is really cute without being over the top.

Etude House Pink Skull Lip Tint Twin Shot in PK003 Pink x Pumpkin Shot

On the opposite end to the nude lip stick thing, I've been loving this more berry, standard autumnal colour.I normally wouldn't have seen myself wearing this but I've actually been liking it and I feel like it suits my skin quite nicely. It's not too berry in colour (I'm not a fan of those tones on myself).


 Liz Lisa Faux Suede Trapezoid Skirt in Pink - here

 I was going out and dressing up a little bit more earlier in the season but lately I've just been working a lot so I haven't had much time to go out and/ or get dressed up cute but when I did I would reach for this skirt was the most.
I love the colour, shape and fit. Bonus is it goes with lots of different tops and it's easy to wear and style.

Liz Lisa Nosuri Tops in White - Here

I liked wearing this with the skirt above or really any skirt. The style seemed to go with everything really well and I liked the way it looks. Plus it looks good both on it's own or under a jacket.

 Liz Lisa Short-sleeved blouse bowtie in White - Here

Admittedly I haven't worn this a lot but every time I did I really liked it and enjoyed it and I liked how I looked in it. I love blouses with bows... I think any blouse is instantly made better with a bow.



Liar! Who is the Liar? 

This app recently got a part two or a second season called 'Office Deception' and I've been shamelessly playing this constantly over the month. 
I really like the concept of this game and while I don't think the story is perfect - it's a lot of fun! It's very addictive to play and I like the concept of calling liars out with evidence and the events. If you're familiar with a game called 'Phoenix Wright' it's a little similar to that. 
One thing I like about this app is I think it's really helped my short term memory. I normally can't remember things that happened not that long ago and I noticed that my memory has improved a little over time which I wasn't expecting but is definitely a good result.

That's all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it...

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Friday, June 2, 2017

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira Crate 07 May

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 This month's Kira Kira Crate is super cute! The booklet has a pretty cherry blossom pattern.

 Soy Milk Yogurt Face Mask

Face masks seem pretty standard in each Kira Kira Crate every month but that's okay! Since they're only one time use I don't really mind. The packaging is really cute and tropical for this and milk/yogurt products are normally good for my skin so I'm looking forward to using this one!

Lux Sakura Dream Body Soap 

I'm actually really excited by this - which is really dumb because it's just soap lol. I really love cherry blossom scent but this is actually jasmine and cherry blossom! I really love jasmine scent and I'm excited to try it!

My Melody BB Cream

I'm not sure what the difference between regular BB cream and 'Premium' is but okay. The packaging is really cute but the product is quite small. I like the look of the 'older' (I don't really know what to call it? Original maybe?) My Melody. I have no idea what brand or who makes this but I did notice it's only for sale in Japan? I don't know, I haven't decided if I want to try this personally or if I want to gift it on to someone at this point.

Natural Jonjac Sponge for Facial Wash

 Ohmygosh, this is fabulous. I've used this since I received it and it's been really great. This is a sponge for cleaning your face and I've really liked using this recently - it's so gentle and easy to use! I used to have a clarisonic and I have to admit it is like... 100x better. It just leaves the skin feels so silky and soft after using it.

Tansan Kakumei Carbonated Water Face Mask

 To be honest... I'm most likely not going to use this. I don't particularly enjoy putting my face underwater and no matter what the skin benefits... I'll probably pass lol.

Rilakkuma Bath Ball

This is a super cute bath bomb! I love baths and bath bombs so this is a nice! It smelt really good when I first received it - even through the packet. This is meant to smell like honey but it kind of has that artificial honey scent.
The bath bomb also has a little 'prize' inside. I haven't used this yet but I don't really mind which on based on the illustrations.

I actually liked and will find a use for a few different things in this box. I really can't wait to use the bath bomb and the body wash. The sponge is amazing and I'll have to repurchase them in the future for sure!

That's all for this month's box!

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Friday, May 26, 2017

[Master Post] My Autumn Wardrobe 2017

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Another for my wardrobe series. I fear after one year this might be redundant and boring but oh well.
I think a lot of this stuff for Autumn might either be really old or brand new. Prior to this season I would say I didn't really like Autumn fashion because I hate the cold and also I don't find Autumn a long season in Australia so I don't feel like I need a lot per say but I actually have a really nice assortment of clothes right now and I really like the state of my autumn wardrobe.

Funnily enough, for autumn I think I bought more separates like tops and skirts which is funny after my one piece and dress rampage over summer.
I really love more classy, elegant style for autumn and I do like more structure with my clothes which I think it pretty standard to Autumn dressing. 


Liz Lisa Knitted Cardigan in Beige and White; These are actually from spring however for Perth they're suitable for Autumn/Winter here. The knitted part has a few little pulls and the buttons are quite loose but oh well. I'll still wear them lol. 

Feather Long Cardigan in White (here); I kind of haven't worn this yet but hopefully soon - it's gotten really cold lately so I think I can finally wear this.

Liz Lisa Lace Trench Coat in Pink (here); I really love the feminine and girlie coat and I've worn this quite a few times - unfortunately not as much as I would have liked (gotta get my moneys worth) so hopefully I can wear it more once the weather gets cooler.

Liz Lisa Bijou Demin G Jacket (here); I think I included this in Spring however, this is originally from Autumn and I actually wear it in both Spring and Autumn so I think it's okay to include this in both posts. Surprisingly it's still in excellent condition and has worn really well over the years so I'm glad I purchased this when I did.
Liz Lisa Fake Suede Riders Jacket in Pink (here); The colour and the cut of this jacket is so nice. I like that it's cute but it's not super cute so it's perfect for wearing with everything. I've had my eye on a riders style jacket for a while and I'm so glad I purchased this one.
Liz Lisa Velour Applique Satin Blouson in White (here); This has been really nice for early Spring/Autumn because it's still sunny and warm but the air is really cool so it's been nice to keep me warm without over heating.

One Piece; 

Liz Lisa Web-Limited Dress in White; Actually, I have to admit, this has been a little forgotten in my closet recently in between other things and I really have to wear this more often. Sorry dress. 

 Liz Lisa Dot Flower One-Piece (here); I normally reach for this dress when I have no idea what to wear so it's rarely a first option but it's a good fall back. It goes with lots of shades of pink, navy and white. The style is girlie but not too fussy making it perfect for so many occasions. 
 Liz Lisa Small Flower Print in White (here); Funnily when I was laying these two together they're so similar but really different so it was interesting to compare them. 

Floral Shoulder Ribbon Op in Bordeaux and Pink (here); I feel like this print is super common in the Liz Lisa community (can I call it that?) and everyone has it but I don't care lol, I still really like these dresses. It's a great fitting OP.

Staggered Flower One Piece in Pink (here); I can't remember if this was an Autumn item or Winter (or that awkward in between) but I can see myself wearing this more in Autumn personally because it's sleeveless and I think the colours are more suitable for Autumn. 

Liz Lisa Nosuri knit docking two-piece (here); I really love the details in this dress however I just really wish the little details were more obvious so you can see all the ruffles and different textures better. I've really loved when I have worn this.
Liz Lisa English Rose A-Line Dress in Navy (here); I actually wore this a few times and I'm still undecided if I like the shape XD. The dress is really baggy and sometimes I really like this dress and sometimes I don't like it as much. 

Liz Lisa Floral Navy Dress; I really love this dress- the pleats are amazing and I really love it. It's been with me for quite a while too.
Liz Lisa Sweet Dihana Piece in Navy (here); Actually I think both of these dresses are quite similar but they're both really different so I can totally justify having both in my wardrobe. 

Tralala Plaid Dress in Green and Red; My favorite dresses. I have to admit I like the red a lot more than the green however, I'm glad I have both! The dresses are super cute and they're really comfy and easy to wear. 

Tralala Dress in Black (here); I normally just wear this to work but everyone really likes it when I do and they like asking where I got it from. The swishy hem is so cute lol. 
Ma*rs Mock Two Piece Dress; This dress has been a bit of a lifesaver in my closet. Whenever I need something to wear at night (that's black) I normally go for this one. 

Tralala Dresses in Pink and Black; I seem to really like the more 'mod' or sixties looks for Autumn/Winter lol. I super loves these dresses and they're fun to layer and style. (I guess you can wear them on their own if you wish but I like layering them best) 


Liz Lisa fukubukuro Cardigan: I actually quite like this - the beige colour actually works really well with my closet and it's surprisingly warm. This came from a fuku and even though the quality is normally a little less than normal but this has help up well over the time.
Liz Lisa 17th anniversary Cardigan in white (here); This one is the fussiest and girliest out of my three cardigans but I love the fluffy!
Tralala x Sailor Moon Cardigan (here);  I feel I don't wear this as much as I should (I find this quite bulky and I like a cardigan I can easily throw in my bag) but I do like it an the look of it.

Liz Lisa Sleeveless Ruffle Rib Top in White (here); When I purchased these I really thought I would wear this more than the other one pictured but I actually have worn the other one more. I've tried to wear this a few times however it's a bit fussy for everyday.
Liz Lisa Notsuri Top in White (here); I've had a few chances to wear this a few times thankfully and I really love wearing this. It's so comfy and easy to throw on with that feels like anything. 

Liz Lisa Lace Inner in Bordeaux (here); I really love wearing this right now because it's elegant and girlie but still good for everyday.
Liz Lisa Short Sleeve Bowtie Blouse in White (here); Normally I prefer a less fussy blouse so it's easier to pair with my patterned bottoms however I like having this for something different.
Penderie Liz Lisa Sleeveless Blouse in White; I don't remember what season this came from but I love wearing this underneath knits and having the collar poke out.  

Liz Lisa Flower Angora Jumper in White (here); I can always justify a new jumper even though I have so many floral jumpers already lol. 
Liz Lisa Bunny Jumper in White and Grey; Still actually gutted I wasn't able to purchase the pink in this as well and it's been years. The sleepy bunnies faces are so cute.

Penderie Bordeaux Blouse; I've had this for a few seasons but I'm glad that I've held onto it because it's a big trend.
Tralala Blouse in Black; I love the sleeves on this blouse and it's really roomy and comfortable so it's like, my go to top to eat in lol.

Liz Lisa Embroidery knit top in White (here);  Actually when I got this I didn't think I would wear this much at all but it's been an item I've been reaching for often. The half sleeve is great for this time of year and I'm really like the higher neckline that's out recently.
Liz Lisa Knit Collar Top in White; This is so old but it still looks fine IMO. Liz Lisa used to be all over the studded collar look but I guess it's long gone but I think this is still a great 'every day' top. Plus it looks so nice with high waisted skirts.
Tralala 'Sweets' Top in white; Another oldie but goodie. I love layering this one as well or just wearing whenever. Plus people always comment on it like; 'what does you're top say?' and I'm always like; 'oh that thing I have to be fed at every hour of ever day'. Lol.
Tralala 'Fleur' Top in Beige (?);  Super miss tralala for basic wardrobe staples TT_TT Liz Lisa you messed up.

Forever New hi-low knit top; Such a great basic and it pairs nicely with a variety of bottoms.
Tralala 'M' jumper in Pink; This look super cute with a blouse underneath it and it looks quite preppy IMO.  
Tralala Mock-two piece knit jumper in white; Another preppy jumper. This one is really cute because it has some pearl beads under the collar that looks like your wearing a necklace - it's  super nice touch. 
Liz Lisa Happy Girls Jumper in Orange; One of my absolute favorites! Really like it. 
Tralala Rose Print Knit in White;  Super loves this jumper - sadly it is betting a little bobbly but hopefully it has at least a few more years in it. 
Liz Lisa Ribbon Knit in White; Purchased in Spring however knits are still appropriate for autumn so I'll still wear this for Autumn. 


Ambra jeggings in white, light blue, dark blue and black; Ahaha, these again. Still my favorite pants ever. I won't go on about it lol. 

Liz Lisa Faux Suede Trapezoid Skirt in Pink (here); I pretty much swap between this and the denim skirt for everyday. I really like the shape and the fit of this and it actually pairs with a lot of different top and outers.
Liz Lisa Emboirdered Denim Skirt in Medium Blue (here);  really like this but out of this or the suede one I prefer the suede since it seems to fit me a little better imo. Still it looks nice for day or more casual things.

Liz Lisa Teddy Bear Book Pattern Skirt in Red (here); I really want to wear this but it looks so christmas-y I just haven't found the situation to wear it yet sadly.
Liz Lisa 17th Anniversary Flower Key Frame Skirt in Pink (here); This skirt is my favorite flouncy style. One does not collect Liz Lisa and not have a pink floral skirt in their collection.

Tralala Pants in Red, Houndstooth and Dark Blue; I used to really like these and I would wear them all the times but since I normally wear high waisted pants these feel so weird and strange to wear.


 Tralala wedges; Sadly, these actually had died and I don't have them any more which sucks because they're like my go to every day shoes.
Easy Steps Scope boots in Black Suede; These are actually my work boots but they look nice with tights and skirts because they kind of blend into tights which still makes your legs look okay.
Chloe Flats; I just included these because I really need to make an effort to wear these more often because they cost a bomb (I did get them on clearance and paid less than the RRP but it was still a lot for a pair of flats,) These are made for people with high insteps which I have flat insteps so idk I think that's the reason I don't wear them much.

Liz Lisa Velour Pumps in Pink (here); I haven't had much chance to wear these. I really love the cross straps, the colour the bows. They're really cute. 
Liz Lisa Heart Pumps in Pink; These are some of my favorites and I find them very comfortable to wear. Plus the dusky pink works quite well in my wardrobe.
Liz Lisa Ribbons Pumps in Pink; I actually don't wear these often - if at all because I have extremely mixed feeling about these.

Liz Lisa Ribbon Pumps in Navy; I tend to save these for more 'fancy' occasions because I think they're so unique and pretty. 
Tralala Pumps in Navy; I've worn for these so many times. I find myself reaching for them quite often. I like that the straps are so secure they hold my feet in and the small platform and heel make them quite comfortable. 

Liz Lisa Lace Up Pom Pom Pumps in Bordeaux (here); I really need to work up the courage to wear these out and about - I love the lace ups and the pom poms but I'm not sure it's too much.
Tralala Pumps in Black with Removable Bow; I really like wearing these and they're a commonly worn shoe when I need a heel but I don't want anything fussy.

Tralala Ankle Boots in Black; I have so much love for these boots lol. They're my absolute favorites. 
Liz Lisa 17th Anniversary Ribbon Short Boots in Beige (here); Tbh I included these here because I think the colour and the style makes these more appropriate for autumn however I think that I'll be wearing these more in winter than autumn. 

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I don't really update at any specific time so I guess just keep checking lol, sorry.

I think it's funny how I have so much dusty pink and navy for Autumn (I really like navy) - especially since bordeaux trends so much recently... I guess it means I can buy more of it next Autumn.
Let me know your favorite Autumn pieces or what your looking forward to from he upcoming Liz Lisa Autumn collection.

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