Friday, September 22, 2017

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira 11 September

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I actually really liked this months Kira Kira crate! It's super cute and there's some useful stuff in this box! Plus there's two cute Hello Kitty items included as well!

Let's look inside!

The booklet this time is super cute too! I love these colours and roses and lemon prints are two of my favorites in spring/summer.

Nonkuma Hello Kitty Undereye Mask 

 I love undereye masks - especially when I haven't slept so well. I've used these before but normally they're like facemasks but this okay is different - it's one of the ones that heats up! I hope it doesn't heat up too much but I'm interested in trying this just cause I haven't used anything like this before! 

Hello Kitty Sara Sara Body Wipes

 I actually love having these handy! They're so handy to have - especially as the months heat up they're a great way to use after the gym, or being outside or just freshen up. This is actually a decent sized product as well!
I actually already put these into my gym bag so I remember to use them.

 Ferzea Moisture Mist

I think mists are so useful and helpful. The smaller size is handy to have in your hand bag and bring with you. The booklet says this is best for hands but you can also use it on your body and face.

  Bath Salt Roulette

This is super cute, I guess there was a random 'roulette' of bath salts you could receive and I was lucky to get something I haven't received before. I don't think I've smelt yuzu before (or maybe I have but wasn't aware) but I'm guessing it's a citrus fruit and it'll smell like other citrus fruits.

 BW Tint Gradation Palette 

This looks super cute and nice! I love gradation lips and this looks super cute! Plus it can be used for lip gradation or cream cheek. The colours are both quite nice and the reds both seem like reds I would have gone for. Can't wait to try these out. 

Pure Smile Cherry Blossom Essence Mask 

Another mask but this time it's cherry blossom! I love cherry blossom stuff - I'm sure you all know. Plus it's spring in Australia so this is actually appropriate for the season!

That's everything for this box! It's super cute and I liked everything too which is great! I think I'll see myself using most of the contents for sure.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Winter Favorites

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 This is a collection of things I enjoyed and liked for the winter months. I actually did a kind of crappy job of keeping a lit of things I liked so this post isn't as long or interesting as I would have liked but hopefully you'll like this post regardless.

Make Up;

 I actually didn't use a lot of 'new' make up this winter and tried to use up a lot of my older make up although I did switch my BB cream to cushion and foundation. My usual BB cream is too dark so I got out an older cushion foundation and I've forgotten how much I like the light coverage. I've been using the Etude House Any Mineral Cushion foundation which is kind of old now but I really like it. 
I purchased the Etude House Double Lasting foundation cause I needed something lighter (colour) cause I'm too pale to wear my older stuff and I just chose this. It was on sale and I also really like it. The finish is flawless and it's not too heavy. I like the packaging. 


This bag... so I've had this bag for years... I mean years. I check the label... it's from 2013 - it's old but it looks good still. Basically, I bought it and I don't think I've used it much for many years but I still kind of held on to it and recently I've been using it as my everyday bag. It's neither a small nor large bag - kind of an inbetween size. It fits a lot - even my umbrella but the size is still not too big so it's really handy! I really liked using this bag recently, I'm glad I held onto it for so long cause it's been useful lately. 

Liz Lisa OTK boots! So I bought these and kind of wasn't sure if I would wear them much at all but I have loved these so so so much. I actually found them really comfortable and easy to wear and I even liked wearing them with jeans and an over sized knit top too. 

 This is kind of an older item from my closet but I hadn't really used it before this year which is a little sad but it's kind of fun to shop your old stuff and use them. This coat is from a My Melody x Liz Lisa collab (which I'm being a lazy bum and I don't feel like looking it up :p) and this has kind of my go-to coat this winter. I love the fake fur collar and the bow however I haven't really worn this coat with the fur cuffs because I don't really like them lol. But yeah, coat - thanks for waiting for me lmao.


 I feel like this is really super random but if you've been following me for a long time you might know I really like the Naruto series XD I've been following it for so many years and I normally read the manga online but idk, this time I've really been enjoying the anime. I don't normally watch stuff but I guess I look forward to watching the new episode each week. 

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen - Google Play - App Store
Okay, so rant, I downloaded this one Saturday when I was home alone after seeings ads for it on instagram quite often (omg, this is so embarrassing) and normally dress up games are pretty boring, you play them for an hour and then delete them because... well... there's not that much to do... kind of thought I would do that with this one.
Nope! It's been over 100 days (there's an achievement for logging in 100 days so I know it's been this long) and I'm still playing.
Normally dress up games are aimed for children more but this one feels more like a game... there's worlds and levels and you level up clothing to evolve it and make it 'more powerful' and complete sets and it's awful. I play this game so much it's actually tragic... like... I need help. Maybe. I've spent money on this. Oh, and it's ad free which is good as well - I hate ads since I normally fall for them.

That's everything for this post - I don't feel like I've had anything I've been super loving recently. I haven't been loving a lot recently or many I have and I haven't remembered it recently but I guess if I can't remember it - it's not that great. Lol.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

[Master Post] Winter Wardrobe 2017

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This is the last post before we're back at the same season I started at.
Winter is actually my least favorite season because I hate the cold. I don't really like going outside when it's cold and dark and raining and windy so I normally don't lol. I don't go out so I don't really need a lot of winter clothing. I think last year I did buy a lot of new winter clothing last winter because I just wanted to redo my closet and have nicer winter wear than I had previously.


I will just say that I do have quite a bit of outer wear but I think having appropriate outerwear to wear is essential. I've also collected a lot of these over the years as well - coats for me, are an investment piece, I don't buy them to throw them away after one season.

Target Jacket - This is really embarrassing but...I realized I have had this jacket for like... 9 years now. I bought it for when I went on holiday to Italy and it was meant to be cold and this was the warmest thing I could find.
 Basque Trench Coat - I bought this from a time when I would wear black but this is a nice coat cause it folds up into quite a smaller shape so it's good if you don't know what the weather is going to be but want something to keep you warm/dry.

 Tralala Coat in Pink - I went through a phase where I absolutely loved this but I didn't reach for it much this winter. I love the pleats on this and the fur lining.

Liz Lisa lace trench coat (here) - I actually haven't worn this this winter sadly since I never really felt like it was cold enough. I'm sorry coat... next winter.

Little Leona Coat - Little Leona is actually a kids brand... and I might have purchased this on clearance, with a sale on top, with a giftcard and I might have only paid $3.50 for it. 

Liz Lisa Fukuburo Jacket (here) - I actually reach for this jacket the most. I really like it. The jacket originally had a bow on the back and I removed it cause it got annoying.
Tralala hear pocket coat (here) - And my most worn coat. I super love wearing this coat and it's always just really reliable and easy to wear.

Liz Lisa x My Melody Coat - I actually managed to wear this coat a few times this winter lol. I hadn't really worn it before but I love the collar on the coat - it's so cute and princess-y. 

Short fur coat with collar in White (here) - This is a jacket I absolutely love, and I kept it hanging on my door waiting for a moment to wear it... but... my moment never came sadly TT_TT.

One Piece; 

Most of my dresses are either Spring, Summer or Autumn. I don't really buy a lot of 'winter' dresses.  Winter in W.A. is pretty Mild so I can normally get away with my autumn stuff anyways.

Liz Lisa Offshow Knitted Dress with Fur in White (here) - I really loved this and the way it looked however there's a part of it that's already unraveling (on the cuff) and I'm not sure how to fix it. It's really obvious when I wear it though TT_TT

Liz Lisa Flower Knit One Piece in Beige - Out of the two knit dresses here I think I will generally wear this one a little more than the white one. I just like the flower patter and the sleeves a little more (I think)
Liz Lisa Flower Angora One Piece in White (here) - I wore this a lot last year... but now that I think about it... I don't know if I wore this this year... 

 Liz Lisa Transfer Dress in Pink (here) - I made the mistake of wearing this to an occasion so now I kind of think I have to wear this dress to an 'occasion'. Also there's a button missing where the ribbon ties.  

Liz Lisa x My Melody 10th Collab Vol. 1 & 2 (here) - These dresses are both so so so beautiful. I did buy them more for collection purposes rather than to wear often because I know I don't really wear long sleeved dresses all that often.

JugeETTA Dress -  This dress... okay, I don't remember what season but I remember it came in Bordeaux and white as well so I think it was Autumn but I don't know. I was meant to include this in Autumn but I never did so yeah...
I still haven't worn this yet. I think it's so elegant and lady like. 

Liz Lisa knitted dress in Blue (here) - I have worn this a few times and sadly... the pom pom has fallen off. I love the off the shoulder style and the light blue is unique to my closet which is nice.

Tralala Mock Two Piece Dress - I used to wear this to work really often but I didn't wear it much last year. I guess I got bored of it so I don't know what to do with this anymore. It's still in my closet and I still like it but I don't really wear it much....
Tralala Dress (here) - I like wearing this dress to work. It's super cute and I love the ruffle on the hem. 


Miss Shop x Disney Bambi Hoodie - Everyone needs at least one hoodie in their collection. Mine happens to be pink and have Disney on it. 

Liz Lisa Flower Angora Jumper in White (here) - I ended up purchasing this instead of a knit dress and I'm glad I did because I really loved wearing this and pairing it with different skirts/bottoms.

Liz Lisa Ribbon Knit in White - This is from Spring actually but I normally wear it in Autumn/Winter. I have had this for so many years now but I do think it's starting to get a little old and a little stretched out. Maybe next year will be it's last.

Liz Lisa Argyle Marshmallow Knit in White (here) - I love plaids, checks and argyle print so when Liz Lisa released this last year - I had to have this. I really liked this - but I can only really wear this with a skirt - it kind of looks too boxy to wear this with pants.

Liz Lisa floral jumper in deep pink/orange (here) - I used to love this... but this year I haven't worn it at all (yet? will I?) and it makes me a little sad.

Liz Lisa top in white - This is also really old and I think it's showing it's age as it's gotten really bobby and really thin. I normally wear something underneath like a white long sleeve shirt so it's not as obvious.

Liz Lisa Rose Ribbon Bouquet Top in Pink (here) - I have actually worn this top quite a few times - I never would have purchased this myself so thank you to Emi for gifting this too me <3 <3 <3.

Liz Lisa 17th anniversary cardigan in white (here) - I absolutely love this and the fluffy cuffs are my favorites.

Liz Lisa Shoulder Neck Pullover in White (here) - I loved wearing this for the winter. It's so fluffy and cute.

Forever New knit tops in white and grey - I don't think I ever photographed myself wearing these but I honestly wear them all the time, normally just with jeans and mouton boots. XD


Liz Liz skirt in Pink - if you've read my blog for a while, you'll know this is my most worn skirt. I did wear this but it's getting really bobbly over the years, each year I think I should let it go but I keep hanging on to it. 

Liz Lisa Teddy Bear Book Pattern Skirt in Red (here); I included this in Autumn's post but I guess I ended up wearing it in Winter like it was released for.
Liz Lisa 17th Anniversary Flower Key Frame Skirt in Pink (here); I actually reached for this quite a few times and I really really loved wearing it.

Liz Lisa Rose Ribbon Bouquet Skirt in Pink (here) - I managed to wear the top so many times but I didn't really get to wear the skirt but I think I can still wear it in Spring so we'll see.

Liz Lisa Slit lace trapezoid skirt in Pink (here) - I wore this but I did find it quite big on me. I don't know if it's so big that you have to wear a thick knit with it (which I don't mind) or it's just too big?

Tralala check skirt - This is basically my only 'night' time or 'going out' skirt I have currently. I don't really go out too much so I guess it's okay. 

Liz Lisa Tweed Sukapan in White (here) - Also managed to wear this this winter and I did enjoy it.

Liz Lisa Houndstooth Flower Skirt in Navy (here) - I have to admit I had completely forgotten I had this and looking at it I don't love it as much as some of my other skirts. It's currently on my ebay.

Ambra Jeggings - I'm still wearing these lol. I wonder if I'll get bored of them soon.


This is a new incorporation to this post. I normally can't remember which season I buy accessories in but I kind of want to try and include them moving forward because accessories I guess it's interesting to keep track of them. 
I'm not even going to try and include past seasons stuff but I'll try to include this years stuff cause I can remember it at this point. 

Liz Lisa Lace Up Pom Pochette in Blue (here) - I love using this bag but only on days when I don't need to bring a heap of stuff with me - this bag isn't the biggest. 

Liz Lisa fur mittens in white (here) - I love wearing these but everyone always comments and makes a big deal over them when I wear them so... I kind of don't love wearing them cause of that.  
Liz Lisa Suede Ribbon Gloves in Pink (here) - I ended up wearing these more than my mittens but I don't mind because they're so beautiful. 
Liz Lisa Pearl Gloves - These were the first gloves I purchased from Liz Lisa. They're thinner than the ones I bought from last year but I still love them. Aside from a missing pearl (which tbh, wouldn't be too hard to replace if it bothered me enough) they're in good condition.

Liz Lisa Organza earrings in White (here) - I kind of had my heart wearing these with hair up and to a 'special' occasion but it never happened sadly.

Liz Lisa Bijou flower necklace in white (here) - I actually forgot about this until I went through my old hauls and remembered I had this omg.

Liz Lisa Ribbon belt in white and pink (here) - These were originally styled with knit dresses and I bought them kind of expecting myself to wear them with other things but I actually only wore them with knit dresses in the end.

I have amassed quite the collection of Liz Lisa scarves over the years lol. I normally try to buy at least one a year because I really like wearing a scarf. Some of these I purchased at full price but I think most of them I actually got on sale or in the outlet once the season was over.

JugeETTA Pink Scarf - I think I might be mistaken but I think this was quite pricey to begin with but I'm pretty sure I purchased this on sale and I got it for quite cheap as well.
Liz Lisa scarf in Blue - I also got this on sale. I think this was the last colour way because I don't think it would have been my first choice for colour - that being said, I'm really glad I have a blue scarf from Liz Lisa because I don't think they've made a blue once since they made this one so it feels special.
Liz Lisa Lace Scarf in Bordeaux - Was lucky enough to get this in the outlet for super cheap - it restocked one day and I had to have it when I saw it. Bordeaux is such a nice colour! I like that the lace in the same colour and the scarf for this particular colour way.
Liz Lisa Plaid Scarf in Beige (here) - Currently this is the newest one I have. I really like the colour and the plaid pattern is super cute.I'm so glad they made something so similar this year!
Liz Lisa Lace Scarf in Beige (here) - This is actually the same as the bordeaux on and I actually think I wear the beige one more than the bordeaux just because I find that it matches more. 
Liz Lisa Scarf in Pink - This may be the oldest scarf (I'm not sure if this or the blue one was purchased first) or the most worn - it's possibly showing it's age quite a bit as it's got quite a few loose fluffs on it... if anyone knows how to get rid of fluffs please let me know.

Liz Lisa earmuffs - I bought these so many years ago now and I super love them. Earmuffs are one of those things I love but I think everyone loves to make fun of me for. 


Liz Lisa mouton boots - These are a second hand purchase from Buyee because these were a novelty in store.   
Liz Lisa mouton boots in pink and beige (here) - I have an unhealthy obsession with mouton boots. I really love them a lot but I like that I can get away with them as slippers.

Liz Lisa Web Limited Pom Pom Pumps in white (here) - I love these shoes, I love the straps and the colour. 
Liz Lisa velour pumps in pink (here) - I actually didn't end up wearing these because I don't really think they quite match a lot in my closet at this point. 
Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink - I absolutely love these shoes and the colour really matches everything really well. 
Liz Lisa lace up pom pom pumps in bordeaux (here) - I super love these but I don't really wear them that often just because I find them kind of annoying to wear to lace them up/wear them as the laces also untie on me (but then again... I really suck at tying laces).

Tralala boots in black - I'm pretty sure I've gushed about how much I love these enough already.
Miss shop hilary boots - I bought these to wear to work and I really like them cause they're so comfy. 
Tralala ribbon pumps in black - I like wearing these for every day. 

Liz Lisa engineer boots in brown - I super love these but they're getting so worn and wearing away but I have so many good memories with these I'm so reluctant to throw them away.
Yesstyle Fleece boots - Another firm favorite I've spoke about before so I won't go on again.
Liz Lisa Ballet shoes with pom in Pink (here) - I'm so glad Liz Lisa released a pair of flats cause I really love these. Kind of regret not picking up the blue ones as well at the time.

Liz Lisa Knee high boots in Brown (here) - Omg... I absolutely loved these boots this winter. I ended up wearing and reaching for them so often they were worth every penny spent on them because I just loved them so much.    

JugeETTA over the knee boots in black - I don't wear these as often as the brown ones above but I super love them when I have worn them.

Liz Lisa 17th anniversary boots in Beige (here) - I actually  didn't end up wearing these at all this winter - I think I just preferred the OTK ones above so I'm open to selling these. I'm kind of liking this years version of these boots more than this pair as well so idk. I'm not sure. 

 That's almost everything I've got for winter I think. I can't remember if I'm missing anything but I think I got most of my clothing. I'm kind of excited to see next Springs because I think it'll be interesting to see what I've still got from it and what's new.

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I don't really update at any specific time so I guess just keep checking lol, sorry.

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